Creating an Account

Learn how to use Patient Fusion

Creating an account in Patient Fusion for the first time? Please see below.

Logging in as an existing Patient Fusion user? Click here.

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Creating an Account with Patient Fusion:

1. When Doctor Novich grants you access to Patient Fusion, a registration email will be sent to the email address he has on-file for you.

- The account registration email will be sent to you from

Within the email message, please click on the "Access your records" button/link to continue to create an account.

2. Please leave the "Request security code via phone" radial selected and press the "Continue" button.

- This verification method requires that Doctor Novich has your updated phone number on file.

3. On the following page, please enter your birthday in the "Patient's date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)" field.

4. Next, enter your phone number in the "Your phone number from the doctor's record" field.

5. Select either the "Text" or "Voice" radial buttons to receive either a text message or a phone call with your security code, respectively.

6. Press the "Request code" button to receive your security code.

7. Depending on the method chosen in step number five (above), you will either receive a text message or a phone call with your security code.

- It is very important that you make sure to copy or write down this number as you will need it in the following step in order to verify your identify with Patient Fusion.

8. Back on the Patient Fusion verification page, please enter the security code you received via text message or phone call into the "Security code received..." text field.

9. After you have entered your security code, press the "Check code" button to continue your verification.

10. On the following page, leave the "Create a new account" radial selected.

- If you happen to already have a Patient Fusion account with another doctor, you may want to select the "Link to an existing Patient Fusion account" radial here. This is uncommon.

11. Press the "Continue" button to continue to account creation.

12. On the next page, please start by selecting a security question from the "Q: Select a security question" drop-down list.

13. After which, please enter the answer in the "A: Enter your answer" text field.

- Make sure you will remember the answer to your security question as you may need it to reset your password to you Patient Fusion account in the future.

14. Next, enter your first and last names into the "Your first name" and "Your last name" fields, respectively. Also verify the phone number that is listed if accurate.

15. Your username will default to your email address. In the two password fields, please enter the same password that you want to set for your account.

- Your password must be at least 8 characters, contain an UPPERCASE letter and either a number or a symbol (ex: $, %, &).

- Please make note of your username and password for future logins.

16. Press the "Create new account" button to create your account.

17. You will now be logged into Patient Fusion. On the pop-up window that appears, make a radial selection.

- If you would like to receive information from Patient Fusion via text message, select the "I agree to receive health care messages sent to the mobile number above." Otherwise, select "No thanks".

18. Press the "Continue" button to continue to Patient Fusion.