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Doctor Novich is currently NOT accepting new patients.

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Please do not message the office for an appointment.

We would appreciate payment of co-pays or outstanding bills at the time of your visit.  Unpaid bills can be sent via email.  For more information on payments, click here.

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Patient Fusion is your key to communication with Doctor Novich!

Doctor Novich uses Patient Fusion to handle all communications with his patients.  Use of this patient portal and cooperation with the processes is your best way to assist in your healthcare experience.  Directions on how to use the tools will be provided throughout this site to assist you as needed.


To renew prescriptions, please ask your pharmacy to electronically contact Doctor Novich.

For new prescriptions, please send a message through Patient Fusion.

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If you require a lab report, please access your reports in Patient Fusion.

If the report is unavailable or the format is unacceptable, please send a message through Patient Fusion.

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If you require a referral, send a Patient Fusion message with the specialist's information:

Name, Address, Phone #, Fax # and NPI # of the physician

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If you need to send Doctor Novich a message, please do so via Patient Fusion to effectively get in touch.

Please do not send messages for appointments, instead, use the tool.

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